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Rex's Lovies was started in memory of our dog, Rex. Rex was an Australian Shepherd. He was loved dearly and we did everything we could to help him have the best life. Unfortunately, when we got him he had heartworms and  even though we were able to eliminate the heartworms, the damage they did ended up being too much for our beloved Rex. Rex loved to play and always tried to be happy. He really loved the squeaky Hedgehog toys, however, they wouldn't last long. So his main owner sewed his torn up toy into a flannel bag. He loved these little bags that had his Hedgehog inside. We ended up calling them his Lovies. He would carry them around and sleep with them. So this is how we named our company.

Our company wants all dogs to be able to live their best life. Our supplements will help them stay heart healthy and keep their joints lubricated and flexible. We hope you and your dog enjoy our products.

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We are unique in that our product contains Hawthorn Berry-One of the safest herbs for your dog's heart. It increases blood circulation by dilating and relaxing the blood vessels and enhances the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout your dog's body.

Glucosamine when paired with Chondroitin has a greater beneficial effect on your dog's joints. MSM is a natural sulphur compound that helps improve joint flexibility and reduces pain and inflammation. Hyaluronic Acid is contained in the joint fluid that lubricates the joints.

No struggling to get your dog to swallow a pill just sprinkle formula directly on your dog's food.

Made in the USA

No additives or preservatives.